Aquari Secured Browser

 Aquari Secured Browser


  • Multi-window support:  Keep up to eight browser windows open at the same time and switch easily between them - JUST LIKE SAFARI!
  • Full screen browser: Flip your iPhone sideways to enjoy your web pages in full-view with only a status bar showing.
  • Guest/Snoop mode: Have another user who wants to use Aquari but don't want to give them access to you bookmarks, sessions, and settings.
  • Automatically signing you out of website when quitting
  • Automatic clearing of session cookies: Keep your information secured by automatically clearing your cookies when you exit the browser.
  • Optional Passcode access: Keep out unauthorized users out of your browser and bookmarks by securing access with a secret passcode. 
  • Rich bookmark support:  Aquari allows you to easily add bookmarks for your favorite sites and manage them in folders.
  • Search toolbar: The search toolbar puts information and products right at your fingertips.


  • Simple and intuitive interface that supports One Touch group email.

  • Organize and create your own personal email groups.  Send an email to the entire group using Group Mailer.

  • Import the email address from your contacts.

  • Set default address line properties (To, Cc, Bcc) for each contact




  • Mask the true identity of your callers 
  • Mask the name on incoming SMS
  • Passcoded access to your secret contacts
  • Over 1000+ common names for either gender
  • Import/Export contacts directly to address book
  • Call, email, text your contacts directly from inside the app
  • Icon and app appears as plain "Web Log ins"
  • Mask callers with a fake phone number instead
  • Multiple phone number support
  • Filter to only create specific ethnic surnames: Asian, American, European, Spanish/Hispanic, Indian, Middle Eastern, Central American supported